Wool Cycling Clothing

Wool Cycling Clothing, The Natural Choice

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Wisconsin Bike Tour


Wool cycling clothing is the natural choice. A common problem shared by all cyclists regards your choice of clothes while on your bike. You want comfort, style and the ability to cycle in varied weather conditions while not be left with stinky clothes when you finish your ride. Whether you mountain bike, road bike, commute or go bicycle touring there is a solution, wool cycling clothing.

Deer Isle, Maine
Deer Isle, Maine

Five clothing issues faced by all cyclists

Regulating temperatures

Wool stays warm in summer and cool in winter so you can wear it year round. In summer the wool fibers pull excess heat and moisture away from your body. In winter It’s natural insulating qualities traps dry air and warmth to keep your dry and warm as wool wicks away moisture from the skin.

Water Repellent

Comes naturally and easily to wool due to the makeup of its fibers which overlap each other.

Wrinkle Resistant

This very resilient fiber can even be stretched and bounce back, important when you are out cycling.


Wool cycling clothing is  easy to wash, in fact it is said you can wash a wool garment up to 20,000 times without the fibers breaking so they have long life. Just machine wash them and hand them out to dry.

Clothing that does not smell

Constructed of renewable natural fibers which resists mildew and mold which can cause odors, particularly important on a long bicycle tour or in warmer weather.

Commuting to work by bicycle

Wool Bike Clothing from Head to Foot

We going to taking a look at wool bike clothing going from head to foot. Not only wool clothing but what the average cyclist will require. By dressing in layers you can add or remove clothing depending on the weather conditions.

Bike Helmet – to keep cool in summer get one with a lot of vents and replace every few years. Many cyclists also protect use a head sweat and helmet cover in the rain for additional protection.

Sunglasses – they should be snug at the temples, but not pinching. Generally you want the wrap around variety to shield your eyes from the dust and dirt of the road or trail. Sunglasses with antifog helps when you are sweating and UV protection are a great benefit..

Cycling Gloves – these padded gloves absorb vibration, reduce fatigue and keep your hands or/fingers warm. Make sure they are snug but not tight. There are full and half fingered styles, both available in wool.

Cycling Jersey – the wool fabric has a wicking ability that removes sweat and moisture from your body. Wool regulates your body temperature keeping you cool in summer, warm in the colder seasons. There are handy pockets at the back for storage. A best seller is the Castelli Mauro Wool Jersey – Long-Sleeve – Men’s

Arm, Knee and Leg Warmers – all available in wool, which keeps its warm the even when wet. They permit you to start your day with lighter summer cycling clothes and be taken off as things warm up. Light weight they are easy to store and can be a nice alterative to a jacket or tights. They are my constant companion when I go cycling.

Cycling Jacket and Vests – a lightweight jacket to protect you from the weather, particularly rain and wind. Generally they are made with a breathable fabric that will not restrict movement. There will be an extended rear panel to cover your rear. I find I frequently use a light wind vest instead of a jacket combined with arm warmers.

Cycling Shorts – you want the wool shorts for the wicking ability. The shorts come with a padded chamois to help resist the friction with the bike saddle. Many cyclists will also wear knickers (3/4 length), Capri, bib shorts and tights all available in wool.

Socks – like the other clothing is made with wool wicking the moisture away to help prevent blisters. As cycling is a no impact sports the socks have little padding. Get a pair of the Pearl iZUMi Elite Thermal Wool Sock

Cycling Shoes – make sure your toes have room to expand (they will). Decide whether you need cleats or not. For mountain biking and bicycle touring baggy shorts are best while the traditional shorts are best while racing or training. Booties (overshoes) are available to fit over your bike shoes when it rains. Mountain bike shoes have a lugged outsole and recessed cleats for ease of walking and are often used by those who are bicycle touring as well.


Stylish, comfortable and non itchy you can find wool cycling jerseys, shorts (tights and knickers too), Socks, gloves, caps, jackets, leg and arm warmers are some of the wool cycling clothing available.

Your choice of clothing makes a huge difference to your enjoyment and with all of its benefits wool cycling  clothing is the sensible choice.

While you do not need all these wool bike clothing to start cycling they do add to your performance and comfort.

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