Pace Wool Cycling Cap

Pace Merino Wool Cycling Cap

Pace Merino Wool Euro Cap, Black, One Size

The Pace Merino Wool Cycling Cap features excellent moisture management and thermal control. Made of 100% merino wool it does not retain odors. There is also a 4-Panel dome with a soft mini visor and 5/8″ twill tape sweatband.

Pace Merino Wool Cycling Cap

Merino Wool is the world’s naturally technical fiber. It is 100% natural, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. This wool is sourced from the cleanest and purist New Zealand alpine environments.

MAPP (Merino Advanced Performance Program) Super Fine 18.8 micron is the choice for the Pace Merino Wool cycling cap. A micron is a unit of measurement used for wool fibre diameter. One micron equals one millionth part of a metre.” The finer the micron (lower the number), the softer a fabric will be next-to-skin. Wool fibres vary in diameter from 11 – 60 microns (Merino fibre is the finest of all wool types), compared to about 100 microns for human hair.

Pace Merino Wool Cycling Cap Features

  • 100% New Zealand Merino Wool, 18.8 microns
  • Moisture management
  • Thermal control
  • No odor
  • 4 panel dome
  • Soft mini shaped visor
  • 5/8” twill tape with elastic back
  • Embroidered accent
  • Machine washable
  • Several colors
  • One size fits all
While there were no reviews of this cap at the time of this writing, the black version of this cap did have one with the reviewer stating he did not find the visor stiff enough.

Cyclists feel that this cap compliments their clothing. They love the comfort of the wool fabric and especially that it fits well under a helmet. Some find it a bit floppy.

The Pace Merino Wool Cycling Cap offers many benefits for those cyclists who prefer wearing caps.

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