Organized bicycle touring

Organized Bicycle Tours

One easy way for fitness and fun is using a recumbent bike with an organized bicycle tour. While there are some groups specifically for recumbent bikes many tours accept them along with more traditional road bikes.

The main benefit for a cyclist for these organized bicycle tours is that the routes are planned out, you get to meet plenty of like minded people, with accommodation and sometimes meals are provided in the entry fee making for great value. It really is a great way to see an area you may not be familiar with or in other cases help out a charity organization.

Distances will vary depending on the organizer with many offering several routes each day. You can find these tours which range from 3 to 10 days in many states and provinces with some attracting thousands of cyclists. Examples include trips along the Eire Canal and Hudson in New York State, a tour to Sault Ste. Marie in Michigan and the famous ride across Iowa each year.

I cycled across Wisconsin on the annual SAGBRAW tour with almost 500 others and with the opportunity to see what the state offers, apparently corn, cheese, cows and beer. We camped on different school grounds each night while others preferred to just lay out their sleeping bag in the gym.

Luggage trucks moved our gear each day and great breakfast and dinners were included and available in the school cafeteria. F

A nice touch was that as we arrived at different small towns the local community offered snacks for sale (in support of a charity) sometimes entertainment. Also in each community we stayed at provided a variety of entertainment in the evening for us and the local citizens including a school band, rock band and local fair.

Recumbent-Bike-TouringEach day we just were expected to follow the signs set up for the tour but this really was not necessary as you could always see lots of other cyclists. There were road bikes, tandems, recumbent bikes and people of all ages included children.  If anyone had difficulty there were plenty of sag wagons along the route to assist.

The only con was that many were eager to depart early each morning so expect to get up early as people make some noise as they take down the tents, however quiet they try to be.

Because of the number of cyclists the entry fee provided really exceptional value. The majority of cyclists were local but there also many visitors from everywhere including California and British Columbia.

A great way to prepare for your bike tour is using a recumbent exercise bike or stationary model in the comfort of your home during the off-season. Not only do you get a great workout but it is low impact on your joints making it more enjoyable training, and you can watch TV while you do it.

You will require some cycling clothing for comfortable journey. If you are looking for some great cycling opportunities consider a organized bicycle tour.

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