No More Smelly Cycling Clothing

No More Smelly Clothes When Cycling

Cycling in cool weather
Early fall ride along shores of Lake Simcoe

One of the big issues facing anyone enjoying a sporting activity is smelly clothes after the activity is completed, cycling is no different. Mildews and molds require moisture to live and grow and they also stink. If you currently use a synthetic cycling jersey you can easily confirm this.

Wool cycling clothing has a naturally lets moisture pass through its fibers without holding this moisture so no more stinky smell. Very durable and easy to machine wash and hang dry as well.

This cycling clothing besides being water repellent handles both warm and colder weather conditions naturally by the construction of its fibers and the way it regulates moisture.

If you are commuting to work by bicycle, mountain biking, road biking or even exploring while on a bicycle touring journey you can appreciate these qualities arriving at your destination in mint condition. Particularly on a bike tour where you may be cycling 6 or 7 days straight and arriving at your accommodation late in the day.

Deer Isle, Maine
Deer Isle, Maine

Some examples of the Wool Cycling Clothing

Wool cycling jersey – they come with different zipper styles and necklines and in great styles as well with all the moisture wicking features mentioned above.

Cycling gloves – need to be snug so that the pads do not move around while you are cycling. They can get very smelly so consider wool cycling gloves.

Cycling shorts – also knickers, tights and bib shorts are available. This is an area where regulating moisture is especially important. Wool cycling clothing is non itchy and comfortable.

Socks – you need a the comfortable wool wicking material to remove the sweat and keep your feet cool during the ride.

If you are looking for durable and cycling clothing that does not smell consider wool cycling gear, more details may be found at Wool Cycling.

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