Most popular cycling destination

Most Popular Bicycle Touring Destination in Europe

Cycling near Garmisch, Germany
Departing Garmisch on regional cycling route

Now that I have been bicycle touring people often contact me for information regarding routes. So what is the most popular bicycle touring destination?

As I live in Toronto I would expect people to ask about bicycle touring routes somewhere in Canada or the U.S. Well, they do but that is the most popular.

Rothenburg, Germany
Rothenburg along the Romantic Road Bike Route

Many know that I head over to Europe most years so it must be France. Not so, I mean the country that hosts the Tour de France and offers great regions for bicycle touring from Provence to Normandy. Well it is not France either or even Italy.

Cycling in Germany
Arriving in Basel along the Rhine River Route / EuroVelo 15

Surprisingly, it is Germany although really I should not be so surprised. Germany offers:

  • Over 200 long distance bicycle touring routes which are well signed and cover the entire country which makes trip planning easy
  • Also too numerous to count local and regional routes connecting smaller towns
  • Numerous flights into major cities such as Frankfurt and Munich from North America
  • Bicycle cars on all but the ICE trains (Inter City Expresses) for easy transport
  • A bike culture where you see everyone of all ages on bicycles. I was amazed by the crowds of local cyclists on Saturdays and Sundays out in the country stopping at cafes for lunch. Many of these cafes cater especially to cyclists.
  • Campgrounds, hotels, bed and breakfasts which welcome cyclists and many offer facilities to store your bicycles overnight. Note that it can be difficult at times to find accommodation on weekends along popular bike routes without a reservation
  • And yet by European standards Germany is very economical to visit. Much cheaper than Scandinavia, England, Switzerland and France for food and accommodation
  • A wealth of things to see along your bicycle touring journey including castles, wineries, museums, historical sites, medieval towns and more. Plenty of festivals too
  • Availability of detailed bicycle touring maps. Although not all are in English they are easy to understand
  • Tourist offices which print information for cyclists
Lindau along Bodensee Route

I have cycled many of the routes but never got around to posting the details on this site. So expect to see more route information and videos shortly on bicycle touring in Germany. Although you are sure to see and visit bicycle shops along the way you should wear good cycling clothes during your journey so click on the link to check some out.

Benediktbeuren Beer Festival
Benediktbeuren Beer Festival along Bodensee & Konigsee Route

On your next visit overseas, consider Germany, perhaps the most popular bicycle touring destination in Europe.

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