Minus33 Wool Beanie Hat

Minus33 100% Wool Beanie Hat Review

The Minus33 100% Wool Beanie Hat is made of the finest Merino wool, double layered for extra warmth. In addition the Minus33 100% Wool Beanie Hat can wick moisture away from the skin approximately 30 Percent faster than any synthetic fabric.

Minus33 100% Wool Beanie Hat

Cyclists will find that Minus33 has put this garment through a special process so that it is so soft and supple it is unbelievable. The Minus33 100% Wool Beanie hat may be the most comfortable fabric you will ever wear.

Minus33 100% Wool Beanie Hat Features

  • Made of 100% Merino Wool Merino Wool
  • Double-Layered for extra warmth
  • Available in Black with Grey Stripe only
  • Machine washable and machine dryable
  • Weight of hat is 2.5 oz. (72 grams)
  • One Size fits all

Minus33 100% Wool Beanie Hat Reviews

There were only a few reviews for the Minus33 100% Wool Beanie Hat and it rated very positively.  One person who stated they were picky loved it while another reviewer also liked it but found it can be cold at times.

This reviewer stated I’ve tried quite a few beanie’s trying to find the one that is perfect for me. I use a beanie on my morning bike ride to work, for walking/jogging in the cold, and for snowboarding. It seems like during the winter I have a beanie on whenever I’m outside, and I’ve never been perfectly satisfied — until now.

Another reviewer thought this is a great wool hat. Soft on inside and styled on outside. It runs on the small/medium side but fits me fine. The weight and warmth of this wool beanie hat is good for layering.

This reviewer remarked this beanie is very very comfortable for me. The wool isn’t itchy at all (I wear lots of wool clothing though and like the feel of it), and the stretchiness and sizing is just perfect for my head.

A reviewer said it’s not the thickest hat. On a windy day, I can feel the wind in my ears. This might make sense for outdoor activities, but when I’m just walking to work, I’d rather the hat be a bit more wind-resistant. The material isn’t super soft. It’s 100% wool, so I suppose that’s to be expected, but don’t expect the feeling of a fleece hat. The hat does keep me reasonably warm, which surprised me, considering it doesn’t feel super thick. All in all, a decent hat, but not great

If you are cold weather cycling a helmet just won’t do and you will need some sort of hat.

The Minus33 100% Wool Beanie Hat provides a warm base layer.

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