Merino Wool Cycling Shorts

Merino Wool Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts
Cyclists on Wisconsin Bike Tour

Years ago all cycling shorts were made of wool and then synthetic fabrics came along. However Merino wool bike shorts such as the Ibex Men’s Duo cycling Short have evolved as well and are now superior to the more common Lycra shorts.

Styles – wool bike shorts are available as a bib short, Capri style and as knickers (3/4 length).

Comfort – no longer itchy as they once were years ago, they provide a comfortable fit.

Regulate temperatures – the fibers from the merino sheep have a water holding interior and water repelling exterior. What this means is you have a breathable garment, able to wick off sweat and moisture by reducing the clamminess feeling so you stay comfortable for a longer period of time.

By removing sweat it lowers your temperature, great in the warmer weather. In winter while the fabric continues to wick away moisture from the body transferring it to the Merino wool fibers which absorb moisture creating a insulating effect to help you stay warm.

Wool Cycling Shorts
Cyclists on Wisconsin Bicycle Tour
Merino Wool Cycling Shorts

No Odor – wool provides superior performance when it comes to odor. The surface of the wool fiber is naturally scaly and negatively charged and thus provides a poor surface for bacterial growth. Sweat itself is odor less; the bacteria from the moisture can develop and lead to a smelly garment. Bacteria needs moisture to grow and with the superior wicking ability of wool cycling shorts mildew and odor does not occur.

Durability – the very construction of the wool fiber means that it can bend and stretch easily and therefore last significantly longer than garments made of synthetic fabrics.

Care – just machine wash and hand dry. This also makes them great of bicycle touring.

While cycling you want a comfortable ride,  particularly with the arrival of cooler weather so take the time to look a wool cycling shorts.

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