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Ibex Men’s Duo Cycling Short Review

The Ibex Men’s Duo Cycling Short is the tested, proven and a favorite of many riders. It is now available in a lighter weight that keeps you in comfort the whole year round. The classic wool short in 9-panel design with an added stretch back-rise panel for a perfect fit.

Ibex Men’s Duo Cycling Short

What you wear while cycling is just as important as your bike. So go for Ride with the Ibex Men’s Duo Cycling Short because it’s the odor-free and moisture-repelling clothing that keeps your pedals moving.

Wool draws moisture away from the skin and evaporates it, regulating body temperature in all conditions. Because Ibex is made from very small micron diameter fibers, the Ibex Men’s Duo Cycling Short is extremely soft and comfortable. Ibex wool products naturally include antimicrobial properties, keeping your garment odor-free.


Ibex Men’s Duo Cycling Short Features

  • Made from 84% Merino/ 11% Nylon / 6% Spandex; 87% Polyester / 13% Spandex on seat and inside legs
  • Form-fit
  • Superior temperature regulation
  • 9 panel construction, Non-friction gusseted panels
  • 4-way stretch micro-fine polyester, anti-microbial, multi-dimensional 8mm chamois; Density: HAP-50
  • Gripper elastic hems
  • Inseams: S=8.75”, M=9.25”, L=9.75”, XL=10.25”
  • Machine washable
  • Color is black
  • Made in USA

Ibex Men’s Duo Cycling Short Reviews

There were mainly positive reviews for the Ibex Men’s Duo Cycling Short from cyclists who have purchased and used it.

A number of reviewers commented that they are great in hot and cold weather. For example, they are great and have been using them in upper 90 degree weather. They wick away most moisture and are dry when I finish riding.

Another person would also like to say this: so many people are reviewing wool clothing as though merino is a cool weather-only material. It is not, and my SS Ibex jerseys prove (and I’m sure these shorts will, too) to be far more comfortable even on summer rides, than any synthetic jersey I own (and rarely use any more). Merino: not just for winter anymore.

There were mixed reviews regarding the padded chamois with most cyclists finding it very comfortable, however another person thought it was poor quality. Generally I find it is really important you order the correct size garment because most issues can be traced to a poor fit.

One reviewer found them great for training and even better for touring as it copes with changing conditions and all day rides.

And finally one man said if you’re of a certain age, you might remember when cycling shorts existed only in wool. Ibex wool shorts are a superior product compared to most of the wool shorts of 30 years ago, especially in terms of comfort and durability. They’re also vastly superior to the lycra shorts that dominate cycling these days. Ibex wool shorts are not itchy. They do not sag in amusing ways during rainstorms. They aren’t too hot in the summer, but I don’t live in a region with blistering summer temperatures.

Ibex Men’s Duo Cycling Short

With the benefits of wool the Ibex Men’s Duo Cycling Short is  great in the summer too.

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