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Fitsok ISW Trail Tech Sock Review

Fitsok ISW Trail Cuff Technical Socks (3-Pack)

 The Fitsok ISW Trail Tech Sock offers the comfort and technology of a technical sock, while providing the stabilizing features of Isolwool. Constructed with merino wool, the ISW is unmatched in temperature regulation and moisture control. The ISW naturally fights bacteria allowing the sock to remain clean and fresh.

Fitsok ISW Trail Tech Sock provides a light cushion which prevents blistering and enables prolonged performance. The ISW is available in Quarter length.

Fitsok ISW Isowool Tech Sock

Features of Fitsok ISW Trail Tech Sock

  •  Flowtek Channels – Innovative technology promotes airflow on all sides of the foot, dispersing heat and moisture to result in cooler, drier feet
  •  Perfect Toe Provides a contoured fit and eliminates bunching and irritation at the end of the foot
  •  Max Arch Support Alleviates foot fatigue by providing a supportive fit around the arch
  •  Engineered Heel Reinforces the shape of the heel to reduce discomfort and stabilize ankle support
  •  Anatomical Foot Left-Right foot construction allows for a precise fit
  •  Superior Fabric Technology Isolwool advanced fabric promotes airflow and moisture management

I first learned of these tech type socks while reading about professional cyclists. Some of the pros use these tech socks or compression socks during long flights and also while training. These type of  socks are reported to improve circulation, reduce muscle damage, reduce fatigue and swelling while cycling.

These benefits have now been combined with the performance benefits of Merino wool.

The benefits of Merino wool socks are well documented and include temperature regulation, moisture management and the all important fact they are odor-free, even after several days of use without washing (not recommended). Care is easy, just drop them in the washer and hang dry.

These socks will give your feet the support and recovery help they need after a hard day of cycling and ensure proper muscle renewal before you head out the next day. Due to the structure of the individual wool fibers they stretch relatively freely and will not inhibit your movements, returning to their original shaped after being stressed.

All wool socks wick away moisture which can cause cold feet in winter and blisters anytime.  They are both quick drying in summer to keep your feet cool but insulating in winter. A natural fiber, wool socks are considered a buffer against UV light.

Offering all the benefits of merino wool and this particular cycling sock the Fitsok ISW Trail Tech Sock is a great option for ride.

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