DeFeet Handskins Glove

Defeet Handskins Glove

The DeFeet Handskins Glove is ideal for cycling in warmer weather with a lighter weight than the DuraGlove. Cycling gloves absorb vibration, reduce fatigue and keep your fingers and hands warm.

DeFeet Handskins Glove

The DeFeet Handskins Glove has a great soft feel. Made with CoolMax they wick perspiration from away from any area of the body with one swipe of the hand. This soft knit moisture wicking glove provides perfect protection and warmth in crisp cool weather or even in warmer temperatures.

DeFeet Handskins Glove Features

  • Ideal for cycling, running and hiking
  • Made of 75% CoolMax EcoMade, 23% Nylon, 2% Lycra
  • Lighter weight than the DeFeet DuraGlove
  • Wicks perspiration from the body
  • Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low, no chlorine bleach.

These gloves are made by the same company with the great wool socks. For a lighter pair for the warm weather try the DeFeet Handskins Glove.

One reviewer said the Defeet gloves These gloves have worked excellent for me. I have had the same pair for several years. They have been used for cycling in cold conditions down to about 45° lower than that you will need thicker gloves. They fit very well and wick away sweat. The have great traction and durability. I have had them for so long because I am not an everyday hardcore cycler. There was 3 to 4 seasons of winter when I used them regularly both solo and inside thicker gloves. I will purchase another pair.

The DeFeet Handskins Glove provide a great glove for outdoor activities.

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