DeFeet Blaze Wool cycling socks

DeFeet Blaze Charcoal Wool Cycling Socks Review

Defeet Blaze Charcoal Wool Cycling Socks are engineered for the trail runner and performance hiker and cyclist.

Defeet Blaze Charcoal Wool Cycling Socks

Incorporating many of the technical features that have made DeFeet socks the choice of world-class endurance athletes. Features: Air-E-Ator Vapor Zone – The DeFeet invention that started the “airflow” sock rage En-Duro-Skin puncture resistant heel and toe Sole2 double-sided sole construction makes the combination of durability and moisture management a reality Mid-foot compression banding for stabilization Mach Rib cuff Lace Pad


DeFeet Blaze Charcoal Wool Cycling Socks Features:

  • No-Slip Cuff
  • Super Dry/Super Tough
  • Full cushion
  • Wool
  • Variety of sizes


DeFeet Blaze Charcoal Wool Cycling Socks Reviews

There were only positive reviews from cyclists who have used the DeFeet Blaze Charcoal Wool Cycling Socks. One reviewer stated if you don’t believe the difference socks can make, try these. Another stated Blaze wool socks are awesome.

Reviewers thought they were nice and thick and incredibly comfortable to wear with the cushioning and that they wear well too.

One person stated that he has used them mountain biking in the rain and in dry conditions too. He said I got into a puddle and my shoe was soaked, it was cold out (28 or so) and my foot did not feel cold at all on the ride home and that was impressive to me. They breathe well.

This reviewer said he got seven pairs of these 6 or 7 years ago as part of DeFeet sponsorship and loved them (all of their socks are great but these were particularly good). After years of near daily use they were looking a little rough. So I purchased seven more pairs and to replace my first batch. It’s hard to think of a much happier customer than that.

Regarding care a reviewer remarked I’ve made no special accommodation for these socks. I wash an dry them without a second thought and they’ve lasted longer than any other socks I’ve ever owned. It’s possible I could have extended their life with hand washing; however, I had no complaints with their longevity and enjoyed not owning something that needs special care.

Several people liked the fact these socks are made in the USA, which they thought was special. One person warned that woollen socks will live longer if you pamper them by hand washing them and that the dry should not be used.

DeFeet Blaze Charcoal Wool Cycling Socks are very affordable and with all the benefits of wool is a great buy for all cyclists.

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