Maine bicycle touring

Coastal Bicycle Touring in Maine

Maine has a reputation of being one of the most bike friendly states (along with Washington State, Vermont and Wisconsin) and I have to agree.

Within two hours of starting our coastal bicycle touring of Maine riding from Freeport to Brunswick along Maine’s coast we had received invitations to join local cycling groups. The first invitation was from a staff member of the LL Bean bike shop in Freeport who we met having a pre-ride coffee. He advised his store offered free guided bike rides every Tuesday evening and we were welcome to join in the fun. The second invitation came while we were having lunch in Brunswick where the local cycling club spotted us and asked us to join them during their afternoon ride. We felt welcome in Maine, a state with a great cycling culture.

We had 7 days to cycle the coast of Maine so we had opted to camp in one southern location and a second near Acadia National Park and use our cars to take us to the different starting locations along the coast.

We found most of the roads to be newly paved and the drivers most patient with cyclists. In one experience a car stopped in the middle of US Highway 1 to permit us to cross the road even though they clearly had the right-of-way.

What we also found was delightful lighthouses, a rugged coast and most cyclists sticking to popular routes near Kennebunkport, Freeport and Bar Harbor. Our routes took us there as well as along less crowded roads, not as popular, but every bit as spectacular. The clam chowder was wonderful, but a surprise to me, so was the wild blueberry pies.

If time permits take the Maine East Coast Greenway from New Brunswick, Canada to the New Hampshire border with maybe the odd detour in the Acadia National Park area to take in the scenery.

Be sure to carry a good map while bicycle touring as the route descriptions stated turn right or left on the unmarked road, signs were covered by trees or many times just missing. Also click here to for some excellent cycling clothing.

The coastal bike trip of Maine is a great bicycle touring experience not to be missed.


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