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Best Selling Wool Cycling Clothing

With cycling clothing made of New Zealand merino wool which is a great thing due to its excellent wicking and temperature regulating properties.

A myth is that you only wear wool clothing in winter. The ability of wool to absorb large amounts of moisture vapor (up to 35% of its own weight) buffers the body’s microclimate in changing conditions. It helps your body maintain a comfortable temperature any time of year.

Another myth is that wool clothing is itchy, and while it once was the modern wool cycling shorts made from Merino are not. Even better this cycling clothing is anti-odor.

Best Selling Wool Cycling Clothing:

Clicking the above Amazon links provides additional information and product reviews. If you are like most cyclists you will have a variety of clothing for different situations, some made of wool and others various synthetics.

If you are searching for the best selling wool cycling clothing for some cooler weather riding these are sure to help with your comfort and performance.

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