Benefits of Wool Cycling Socks

You need a good wool cycling socks to keep your feet dry and warm, provide a comfortable fit, not be smelly and yet be very durable.
The socks you wear while riding will have a significant effect on you’re cycling experience. Cycling socks made of merino wool meet are these needs.


Benefits of Wool Cycling Socks

Keeping your feet dry and warm – the problem is that as you cycle your feet perspire or sometimes get wet due to rain. Depending on the temperatures this can mean cold feet and sometimes can also lead to blisters.

Wool cycling socks are great at wicking away the moisture. The wool fiber is breathable trapping air which keeps you warm in cooler temperatures. In warmer weather the wood fibers pull excess heat and moisture from your skin helping you stay cooler. It actually releases small amounts of heat as it absorbs water and does the reverse as the fiber dries.

Providing a comfortable fit – a popular natural material that is warm, cushioning and retains heat when wet. Some types can be itchy next to your skin so blends are available combining wool and some synthetic materials.

Smelly – don’t you just hate when that happens. Odor is caused by the moisture in socks causing mildew and mold. As these socks are water repellent and the moisture wicks away it is generally observed these socks don’t smell.

wool cycling socksTough and durable – wool is  considered more durable than synthetic fabrics as the wool fibers can accept repeated bending without breaking. They also stretch relatively freely and won’t inhibit movement which are important considerations in a cycling sock.

Easy care – Merino wool cycling socks just require a machine wash and hang dry although they do take longer to dry than some synthetics. If you are bicycle touring you would be hang drying all your clothing anyway. Although there are a few styles that can be put in a dryer.

Like all bike socks there is a wide variety of colors and lengths available.

To summarize the main benefits of wool cycling socks include the wicking away of moisture, temperature management, water resistance and odor resistance, durability and easy care. Is this not everything you wanted from a cycling sock?

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